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Big City Chefs is Ameica’s elite agency for hand-selected, restaurant-quality and celebrity private chefs.  Co-founded in 2000 by MBA grads Tom Stieber and David Fischbein, the agency staffs chefs around the country for fine dining experiences ranging from daily household staffing to intimate dinner parties and live cooking classes, all with a touch of culinary theatrics.

The company's longstanding participation in platinum credit card rewards programs, national television, and high-profile print media reflects a commitment to creating outstanding and unforgettable culinary memories. Big City Chefs starred in the multi-season Food Network reality television show, "Private Chefs of Beverly Hills."

Tom Stieber - CEO
David Fischbein - President

Adventurous and entrepreneurial co-owners Tom and David met as undergraduates at the University of California at Berkeley, where they discovered they shared a deep passion for San Francisco's diverse and cutting-edge cuisine.  Shunning collegiate culinary clichés like fast food and packaged ramen noodles, they raised eyebrows among their peers by saving their pennies to visit the City's trendiest celebrity chef destinations, to find unique mom-and-pop neighborhood gems favored by locals, and to tirelessly experiment in the kitchen with California's artisanal bounty.  After long years in graduate school and in unsatisfying non-culinary careers, Tom and David gave birth to Big City Chefs and created an exciting company that encourages playing with food.


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